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Examples of Specific Initiatives to Fulfill the Stewardship Responsibilities (Fiscal 2015)

MHTB has worked actively to increase the investee companies' enterprise value and capital efficiency in the medium–to–long term, and has pursued the objective of promoting sustainable growth through constructive engagement based not only on financial information of the investee companies but also these companies' non–financial information, including corporate governance and how investee companies address social and environmental issues. In July 2014, a Responsible Investment Committee was newly formed to strengthen the framework for fulfilling stewardship responsibilities, and the Secretariat for these matters is organized into two sections, one for active management and the other for index management. The Responsible Investment Committee deliberates and reviews progress on stewardship activities, including the exercise of voting rights, and conducts dialogues with investee companies, while striving at all times to refine and improve Mizuho's stewardship initiatives. In addition, the Secretariat prepares records of dialogues between analysts and investee companies, keeps these in good order, and shares this information with the Responsible Investment Committee.

Stewardship Framework Chart
Stewardship Framework Chart
Principal Items for Engagement (Fiscal 2015)
Principal Items for Engagement