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Responsible Investment and Financing

Mizuho positions the promotion of responsible investment and financing as key initiatives in the FY2016–18 CSR Initiative Policy.


As a global financial institution, Mizuho is committed to meeting the banking needs of the communities in Japan and around the world where it operates. To deliver on its responsibilities as a bank, and for the sound development of economies and societies, Mizuho draws on its sophisticated risk–taking capabilities structured within its firm risk management framework.

Addressing Social and Environmental Risk

Mizuho publishes details of its social and environmental initiatives regarding its credit operations.

Equator Principles

Mizuho publishes details of its Equator Principles–related initiatives, which serve as criteria for managing project finance environmental and social risks.


Mizuho believes that improving and fostering the investee companies' enterprise value and its sustainable growth through constructive and purposeful dialogue (engagement) as well as exercise of its proxy voting rights will enhance the medium– to long–term investment return for its customers.

MHTB and Asset Management One are taking initiatives to implement their stewardship responsibilities and promote ESG investing by accepting and setting policies to put into practice Japan's "Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors (Japan's Stewardship Code)." Mizuho believes these activities are important for fulfilling their proper roles as responsible institutional investors.

In addition, these two entities have signed on to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which ensure that institutional investors and pension funds, etc., incorporate environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into their decision–making processes. MHTB and Asset Management One are also strengthening their ESG investment initiatives by incorporating ESG–related issues and engagement into their investment strategies and giving consideration to ESG issues in exercising their proxy voting rights.

Stewardship Responsibilities and ESG Investment

Mizuho publishes details of Asset Management One's stewardship activity framework and its ESG investments.

Real Estate

Based on its internal regulations, MHTB confirms the presence or absence of environmental risk not only when real estate assets are placed in trust but also periodically thereafter with the objective of promoting appropriate liquidity in real estate markets. Moreover, with a view to the possibility of taking remedial action that may become necessary following changes in regulations, MHTB specifies measures to be taken and time limits in relevant trust contracts for implementing such measures and monitors the progress.