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Message from the President & CEO of Mizuho Securities

Photo: Tatsufumi Sakai President & CEO Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

In aiming to offer sophisticated value–added securities services which resonate with customers, MHSC pursues "One MIZUHO Strategy" which brings together banking, trust banking and securities functions under one umbrella to provide products and services of the highest quality to meet the diversified financial needs of our customers.

For individual customers, we offer a wide range of financial products as well as high–quality investment information through our domestic branch network, which is the largest in the industry, the Internet, and our call center. We are boldly transforming our marketing approach and are concentrating on a more customer–focused approach with the objective of contributing to individual customers' asset building in the medium–to–long term. In addition, for the Group to work together to enhance services, we are promoting the opening of joint branches among MHBK, MHTB and MHSC to offer our products and services to customers of MHBK and MHTB who have securities–related needs. At all our branches, we offer bank agency services for MHBK, including proposals for opening bank accounts. In addition, all our branches are trust agents of MHTB that can handle testamentary–related services, Qualified educational fund giving trusts and other trust–related matters. We are accelerating these initiatives to fully leverage Mizuho's unique strengths.

To meet our corporate customers' needs in equity and bond underwriting, M&A advisory, structured finance and other investment banking solutions, we have established a framework for offering highly professional proposals and services (which cater to our customers' diverse financial needs) based on our experience and know–how backed by our extensive track record. Moreover, our Research Department has a large number of high–ranking analysts, and, through the collaboration of our global sales and trading structures covering Tokyo, London, New York and Hong Kong, we are able to offer top–quality investment products and investment information and, thereby, respond effectively to customers' investment strategies.

Serving as the only comprehensive securities company able to offer all the advantages of a "financial services consulting group," each and every employee at MHSC is dedicated to enhancing their individual strengths and quality, and we will continue to build on the success we have achieved thus far thanks to your continued support.