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Message from the President & CEO of Mizuho Bank


Mizuho Bank has one of the largest customer bases in Japan and a network encompassing every prefecture in the country. Moreover, our network extends to the major financial and business centers around the world. Under the group's medium–term business plan ("Progressive Development of ‘One Mizuho’: The Path to a Financial Services Consulting Group"), Mizuho Bank is working in close collaboration with other members of the group which provide trust banking, securities, asset management, and think tank functions. Our collective strengths and unrivaled consulting capabilities enable us to offer the best financial solutions to a wide range of customers in a timely manner.

The business environment for financial institutions is changing at a rapid pace. We are not only facing increasing uncertainty in the world economy, but also changes in global financial regulations, the continuation of negative interest rates, and accelerated financial innovation based on new technologies. In addition to maintaining robust financial foundations which will allow us to weather these changes in the business environment, we are striving to provide customers with a high level of convenience and satisfaction by applying innovative ideas to enhance our products and services and improve the efficiency and quality of our business processes.

As a united group, we are committed to providing tailored solutions for all of our personal banking customers' needs, ranging from asset management to inheritance. We have been increasingly moving towards establishing joint branches which provide banking, trust banking, and securities services and products seamlessly under the same roof. We are also putting a strong emphasis on developing and enhancing our online and mobile services, including through the incorporation of FinTech, in order to ensure that we position ourselves as a leader in the financial services of the future. We are also in a unique position to address both the personal and corporate banking needs of business owners and to provide unparalleled support for their business growth strategy and succession planning.

To provide our corporate clients with the best possible financial services, we are taking steps to enhance our financing capabilities based on a sophisticated ability to take measured risks. We are also working to enhance our ability to provide solutions by leveraging our expertise and unique insights, backed by our wide–reaching industry knowledge and product development capabilities. Additionally, we are taking advantage of our extensive global network to further develop our ability to support businesses as they expand into new countries or regions, as well as to build long–term and multi–faceted relationships with multinationals in all of the locations where they operate.

Mizuho Bank is firmly committed to maintaining a customer–focused perspective, drawing on the comprehensive capabilities of the group in order to solve any issues that our customers face. Our aim is to be our customers' best financial solutions partner, providing innovative financial services and proactively and effectively supporting them in the pursuit of their dreams.

File:Autograph–Koji Fujiwara

Koji Fujiwara
President & CEO
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.