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Measures to Form a Common Culture throughout the Group

Basic Approach

One of the 10 Basic Strategies set in Mizuho's new medium–term business plan is continued initiatives toward embedding a corporate culture to support the creation of a stronger organization.

The One MIZUHO Promotion Project Team works to share Mizuho's Corporate Identity and the new medium–term business plan among directors and employees and ingrain it in the minds of everyone in the Group, as well as carrying out initiatives to support every employee in putting the Mizuho Values into practice to build a strong corporate culture. Specifically, we will strengthen our initiatives to encourage all employees to put the Mizuho Values into practice and further promote internal communication.


Measures to Form a Culture

Strengthening Our Initiatives to Encourage All Employees to Put the Mizuho Values into Practice


A General Managers Off–site Meeting in overseas department

To strengthen our initiatives to encourage all employees to put the Mizuho Values into practice, each office formulates a "Vision of Individual Offices" containing that office's aims, and the staff members of each office are striving to effectively promote progress toward the realization of their respective visions. And, each office organizes the "One Mizuho Day" meetings to evaluate the actions taken in the previous fiscal year and deliberate about the initiatives that should be implemented in the current fiscal year.

Various support initiatives are carried out to help deepen understanding of Mizuho's Corporate Identity and encourage employees to put the Mizuho Initiatives into practice, such as General Managers Off–site Meetings for the GMs of our domestic and overseas offices, who are the driving force in the establishment of culture, and other various forms of training for employees.

Further Promoting Internal Communication


The Mizuho Festival

Mizuho carries out various initiatives to promote group solidarity and communication among employees. In addition to events for employees such as the Mizuho Festival and Live Viewing of Japan's national soccer team playing in a match, these include the Mizuho Volunteer Day, in which employees in each region or office carry out activities to contribute to society, and the One Mizuho Culture Prize, in recognition of outstanding examples of putting the Mizuho Values into practice.