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Management Support for SME Customers

Mizuho shares information on the needs and issues of its customers at various stages in their development, offers them proposals for solutions, and supports their implementation.

Mizuho will strive to strengthen its follow–up measures after consultations and applications regarding financing, the adjustment of loan conditions and other items and to proactively offer consulting services regarding management challenges aimed at providing problem resolution proposals. Thereby we fulfill our responsibilities as a financial institution to provide support for customers' business expansion, business improvement, business revitalization, and other efforts based on a good understanding of customers' perspectives.

The specialized section to support the business revitalization within the credit group in Mizuho works intensively to provide support for SME customers' business improvement and business revitalization. In addition, Head Office and frontlines cooperatively provide consultation and support for the customers, collaborating with external organizations, external specialists, and other financial institutions.

Support for Business Establishment and Business Expansion

Mizuho Growth Support Fund

MHBK and Mizuho Capital jointly set up the "Mizuho Growth Support Fund," which provides risk money for diverse purposes, including business start–ups, mezzanine funding, and MBO–related needs.

Investment Track Records of Mizuho Growth Fund

Business Matching

To support its customers' corporate growth strategy, Mizuho actively engages in business matching to provide opportunities for its customers to meet with one another and discover opportunities for business expansion. In addition to individual matching on the request from our customers or our proposal, Mizuho also sponsors business discussion forums from time to time in places throughout Japan.

Forums Held in Fiscal 2015

Support for Overseas Business Activities

Mizuho actively provides support for its customers who are entering other countries in Asia and other parts of the world. Specialized departments within Mizuho and its offices in Japan and overseas come together to offer a range of solutions. In addition, Mizuho uses external organizations to provide information, including the holding of seminars, for its customers entering overseas markets.


Support for Business Revitalization and Shifting to Other Industries

Mizuho collaborates with external organizations and other financial institutions to provide assistance to its customer for revitalizing their businesses and shifting to other lines of business.

  • Case1For a business customer intending to close its current business (wholesaler of marine products), Mizuho utilized the Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan (REVIC), which offer special assistance for tackling business challenges once more to work out the customer's obligations and the guarantees of their management.
  • Case2For a customer (in the lodging business) burdened with excessive debt, Mizuho collaborated with the revitalization support associations, credit guarantee associations and others to provide thoroughgoing revitalization support through the use of the secondary corporations method.

Promoting Activities by SMEs and Middle Market Corporations

As part of its efforts to promote the SMEs and middle market corporations that are the driving force behind the Japanese economy, Mizuho has been supporting the Medium and Small Business Research Institute since its founding in 1966. We support the Good Company Grand Prix Award program, which is sponsored by the institute, and its empirical surveys and research.