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Management Support for SME Customers

Mizuho shares information on the needs and issues of its customers at various stages in their development, offers them proposals for solutions, and supports their implementation.

Through drawing fully on its consulting capabilities for providing proposals and solutions for addressing management issues, Mizuho fulfills its responsibilities as a financial institution by providing support for customers' business expansion and succession and business restructuring based on a good understanding of customers' perspectives.

In particular, through growth strategy support based on consulting, we actively provide a range of business management support including M&A from the standpoint of business expansion and succession, and support for innovative companies with exceptional technologies or ideas.

Furthermore, the specialized section to support business revitalization within the credit group in Mizuho works intensively to provide support for SME customers' business improvement and business revitalization. In addition, Head Office and frontlines cooperatively provide consultation and support for customers, collaborating with external organizations, external specialists, and other financial institutions.

Regional Revitalization Initiatives

Case Example

Investment in the "Mizuho Business Succession Fund"


Smooth business successions are recognized to be an important issue when considering the future development of Japan's regional economies. Through the provision of information, expanding its consulting functions, and providing funds to assist in promoting business succession, Mizuho has stepped up its initiatives to strengthen its capabilities for providing solutions in this area.

In addition to passing on businesses to close relatives, in view of such developments as the increasing trend toward business succession to parties outside owner families through MBOs and other succession methods, Mizuho made the decision to form and invest in its Mizuho Business Succession Fund, and provide funding through this investment vehicle, thereby responding to a broad range of business succession needs.

Mizuho will continue to contribute to the revitalization of regional economies through the provision of its consulting functions and related funding.

Initiatives Related to Finance Facilitation and Guidelines for Personal Guarantee Provided by Business Owners

Finance Facilitation

Earnestly determined to fulfill a financial institution's social role of facilitating finance, Mizuho works to promote facilitating finance in accordance with the group's fundamental policies by appropriately responding to such customer requests as those for new loans and loan condition adjustments, and by striving to utilize its consulting functions.

Guidelines for Personal Guarantee Provided by Business Owners

Mizuho, in line with Guidelines for Personal Guarantee Provided by Business Owners, is working to establish and maintain good relationships of trust with its customers.

In addition, along with joint guarantee with a termination clause, we offer and promote alternative lending methods to personal guarantee provided by business owners, and have established a structure for cooperation between frontlines and the Head Office to encourage utilization.