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Research & Consulting Unit

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Through the establishment of "One Think Tank," which is the first full scale research and consulting unit to be established by a Japanese bank, we aim to create a team of experts dedicated to addressing the various challenges our customers may face. Head of Research & Consulting Unit Keiichiro Ogushi

Offering optimal solutions to the issues customers are facing and issues they may face as "One Think Tank"

The Research & Consulting Unit was launched by gathering together all the Group's research and consulting functions into a single unit of experts that is dedicated to addressing the various challenges our customers may face.

The Unit is comprised of the MHBK Industry Research Department, the MHTB Consulting Department, the MHSC Research & Consulting Unit, MHIR, MHRI, and Mizuho DL Financial Technology.

The Unit's research functions cover a range of fields from industries to the macroeconomy, and its consulting functions are spread over many fields that are of general interest to customers, ranging from management and financial strategy to highly specialized areas such as the environment, social security, and IT. The companies and departments within the Unit act as "One Think Tank" and collaborate seamlessly, to formulate and offer comprehensive solutions based on sophisticated expertise and know–how.

Key Aspects of the Unit

Conditions in the External Environment

  • Rapidly–changing, difficult to forecast economic, financial, and social environment
  • Increasingly diverse, complex and global issues faced by customers
  • Homogenization of strategies implemented by competitors, including collaboration of banking, trust banking and securities functions

Issues for Mizuho

  • Creating further business opportunities that draw on the specialties of group companies
  • Strategic reconfiguration of research & consulting functions and rebalancing of human resources
  • Expanding opportunities for offering research and consulting functions

Mizuho's Strengths

  • Research function that has broad coverage of trends ranging from the macroeconomy to industry
  • Consulting functions that cover a wide range of fields from management and financial strategy to the environment, social security, and IT
  • Top class team in Japan with about 3,500 professionals

New Medium term Business Plan for the Unit (FY2016 through FY2018)

Fuse research and consulting functions and contribute broadly to addressing issues as "One Think Tank"

"One Think Tank" has four key strategies: establish its position as a utility (support) function, increase its brand value, strengthen capabilities for responding globally, and contribute to business expansion by the market–driven approach. Implementation of these strategies will strengthen the Unit's research and consulting functions.

To establish its position as a utility (support) function, the Unit must concentrate its expertise and offer seamless information and solutions to the in–house companies to help customers address a diverse range of issues.

To increase its brand value, the Unit must communicate the accomplishments of "One Think Tank" In addition to sharing this information with many customers, the Unit will structure a system that better reflects customer feedbacks.

To strengthen its capabilities for responding globally, the Unit will expand its systems on a global basis to respond to the needs of customers in Japan and overseas, which are becoming increasingly global in scope, diverse, and complex.

To contribute to business expansion by the market–driven approach, the Unit must move closer to its customers to understand their needs and create customer support systems that will enable the provision of optimal solutions to a diverse range of customer needs.

Offering solutions as "One Think Tank"

Major Strategies under the New Medium term Business Plan


Providing Solutions that Support Sustainable Growth of Customers and Society

Providing growth support through comprehensive and optimal solutions to the issues customers are facing and issues they may face

In economic, financial, and social environments that are constantly undergoing severe changes, the issues that customers face are becoming increasingly diverse. Through the market–driven approach, in addition to the issues customers currently face, Mizuho brings together the expertise of "One Think Tank" to prepare comprehensive and optimal solutions for latent issues that customers are not currently aware of. Through these activities, Mizuho supports the growth strategies of its customers.

Fostering next–generation growth fields based on in–depth knowledge of industry trends

In an external environment where changes in the economic and the industrial structure as well as technological progress are accelerating, Mizuho endeavors to understand the directions of change in society from an industrial perspective through promoting solutions to customers' medium– to long–term issues. Drawing on its in–depth expertise about industrial trends and the capabilities for providing support for formulating corporate strategy as well as its capabilities for making policy proposals, Mizuho takes active initiatives in creating and fostering next–generation growth fields.


Composition of the Unit

Concentrate research functions and consulting functions in "One Think Tank"


  • Note:The above contains statements that constitute forward–looking statements within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. See the disclaimer at the bottom of page 3 of 2016 Integrated Report(PDF/10,751KB) for information regarding factors that could cause actual results to differ from those in the forward–looking statements.
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