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Business Model & Strategy

Retail & Business Banking Company

We will become a financial services consulting company which grows along with our customers by providing the most suitable solutions for a variety of individual and corporate customer needs.

Corporate & Institutional Company

We will become our customers' most "Trusted Global Partner" by drawing on all our comprehensive capabilities to offer solutions that respond to customers' diverse issues and needs.

Global Corporate Company

We aim to be a company that achieves sustainable growth backed by in–depth understanding of our customers' businesses and strengths in the field of corporate finance. We provide solutions to customers, adapting to major changes in world economic trends and the regulatory environment.

Global Markets Company

By drawing on the broad range of products and services of Mizuho's banking, trust banking, and securities functions, we will provide comprehensive solutions to effectively meet customer needs while generating high and stable profits, and are aiming to become a top–class Asian player in the global market.

Asset Management Company

Contribute to activating domestic financial assets through asset management business by fulfilling the highest level of fiduciary duties* and satisfying customer needs.

  • *Fiduciary duties is a general term for the broad range of various roles and responsibilities that fiduciaries are expected to fulfill when engaging in certain business activities in order to live up to the trust that is placed in them by their customers.

Global Products Unit

By providing optimal solutions for customers, drawing on Mizuho's capabilities across its banking, trust banking, and securities functions as well as in–house companies, we aim to become a professional group that realizes the development of "financial services consulting group."

Research & Consulting Unit

Through the establishment of "One Think Tank," which is the first full–scale research and consulting unit to be established by a Japanese bank, we aim to create a team of experts dedicated to addressing the various challenges our customers may face.

Proactive Initiatives for New Technology

Through collaborating with external organizations and making use of cutting–edge technology, Mizuho is endeavoring to create new businesses and provide highly convenient services for our customers more so than before, so as to create an advanced brand image as a financial institution.

Management Support for SME Customers

Mizuho shares information on the needs and issues of its customers at various stages in their development, offers them proposals for solutions, and supports their implementation.