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Global Products Unit

Head of Global Products Unit Daisuke Yamada

Offering sophisticated optimal solutions through the fusion of investment banking and transaction banking functions

The Global Products Unit consists of investment banking and transaction banking businesses.

In the investment banking business, the Unit offers optimal solutions through collaboration across the banking, trust banking and securities functions, focusing on the five areas of M&A, real estate, asset finance, project finance and corporate finance.

For the transaction banking business, services provided include domestic remittances, foreign exchange, cash management, trade finance, correspondent bank yen settlements, yen custody, global custody, fund management, securities transfer agency services and securities administration.

This Unit acts as the platform for product functions for the group as a whole and endeavors to further increase Mizuho's level of expertise and the utilization of this function across customer segments. Adhering to the market–driven approach that Mizuho is aiming for, this Unit is working to enhance its expertise in financial products and to offer solutions for a wide range of customers across the in–house companies in Mizuho.

Key Aspects of the Unit

Conditions in the External Environment

  • Increasing risks of price fluctuations in equities, bonds, real estate, natural resources and other assets caused by growing uncertainty in the global economy
  • Expansion of new settlement businesses as a result of advancements in settlement methods and technological innovation such as FinTech


  • Strengthening our service capabilities through accelerating seamless operation of banking, trust banking and securities functions
  • Strengthening our global operations in line with product lineup
  • Developing products responding to new technologies and changes in the business environment
  • Structuring front–line systems to promote efficient businesses


  • Structures that enable organic combinations of the expertise of Mizuho's group companies
  • Best–in–class record of accomplishments in M&A advisory, project finance, asset–backed securities (ABS), syndicated loans, DCM (bond underwriting), custody, cash management systems (CMS) and other areas


Syndication of Japan's first fund dedicated to investing in overseas project finance debts

MHBK, in collaboration with Mizuho Global Alternative Investments (MGAI), has begun management of Japan's first infrastructure debt fund (which is largely dedicated to investing in loans to infrastructure businesses and business entities that invest in such activities). This fund, managed by a domestic asset management company, is Japan's first fund that invests in prime overseas project finance debts that are held by banks.

Going forward, Mizuho will meet the wide range of needs of its customers such as offering investment opportunities in project finance senior loans to institutional investors inside and outside Japan, by drawing on the extensive experience and high–level specialized expertise of group companies.