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Global Corporate Company

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Head of Global Corporate Company Akira Sugano

Offering optimal solutions to blue–chip companies around the world and Japanese companies entering new markets

The Global Corporate Company mainly serves non–Japanese companies, focusing on blue–chip customers with international business operations, and Japanese companies operating overseas.

For non–Japanese corporate customers, we focus our resources on selected companies, responding to a broad range of needs in the efforts to build long–term relationships with them. We support their business and financial strategies in an integrated manner through collaboration among banking, securities and trust banking functions. We provide them not only with financing but also with M&A advisory, debt capital market (DCM), transaction banking and other solutions.

For Japanese corporate customers, we support their business expansion beyond the borders through financial solutions and consulting services. They range from providing information for customers considering entry into new markets to advising on business and financial strategies.

In order to enhance our support for these companies, we are opening new offices around the world and are actively forming business alliances with financial institutions and government–affiliated institutions of various countries.

Overseas Loan Portfolio* (Fiscal 2016 Interim)
  • *Major overseas subsidiaries including MHBK, Global Corporate Company management accounting basis
Net Business Profits by Region*1 (Fiscal 2016 Interim)
  • *1.Aggregate figures for MHBK and MHSC, including major overseas subsidiaries, Global Corporate Company management accounting basis
  • *2.Europe, Middle East and Africa

Key Aspects of the Company

Conditions in the External Environment

  • Increased uncertainty due to the impact of Brexit and policies of the new US President
  • Slowdown in the Chinese economy despite government stimulus measures, lack of momentum in self–sustained recovery in Asia as a whole
  • Increase in non–yen funding costs, intensifying liquidity and capital scarcity due to tightening regulations


  • Sustainably expanding the blue–chip customer base on a global scale
  • Improving profitability through cross–selling of securities and market products, transaction banking services, etc.
  • Upgrading of product and service offerings combined with customer–focused proposals
  • Further enhancement of non–yen deposits and diversification of non–yen currency funding sources


  • Blue–chip customer base and strong portfolio
  • Strong presence in Asia and North America
  • Strong capabilities to provide solutions backed by integrated banking and securities functions
  • Broad office network in Asia and access to information on local companies and regulations

Interim Results for Fiscal 2016

Building up a sustainable and high potential customer, service and business base

Amid the increasingly uncertain global economy and tightening regulations, the Company recorded solid growth in performance during the first half of fiscal 2016, including net business profits above the target. The Company strongly and sustainably supports customers' businesses to become their most reliable business partner.

For business development with non–Japanese corporations, the Company's strategy is to focus on blue–chip companies in about 300 business groups around the world. Furthermore, we have adopted the industry sector–based approach to these companies, focusing on sectors where we have an in–depth understanding and a record of accomplishments. Along with this approach, we offer solutions based on our group–wide services reinforced by transaction banking, which we have worked to strengthen in order to provide enhanced services and generate more profits. For example, we have managed to raise our presence in the DCM, mainly in the US, and secure a greater amount of non–interest income outside Japan.

Meanwhile, in order to secure the liquidity in non–yen currencies, the Company has made efforts to attract more non–yen currency–denominated deposits. Moreover, the Company is actively pursuing operational excellence to improve its business processes.

Net Business Profit for Fiscal 2018 (Plan)
  • *Before Head Office expense deduction
Overseas Non–interest Income*
  • *Global Corporate Company management accounting basis, excluding commitment fees and guarantee fees, etc.
Non–yen Deposits*
  • *Major overseas subsidiaries including MHBK, Global Corporate Company management accounting basis, customer deposits in non–yen currencies, planned amount versus FY2015 estimate


Establishment of Mizuho Americas

Mizuho established a US Bank Holding Company—Mizuho Americas—in July 2016 and brought its primary US–based banking, trust banking and securities subsidiaries together under the holding company. The new structure allows Mizuho to proactively strengthen corporate governance and expand its profit base.