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In Japanese, mizuho means "a fresh harvest of rice," and the phrase mizuho no kuni—meaning "fruitful country"—is used to refer poetically to Japan. Our brand name "Mizuho" expresses the commitment as Japan's leading financial institution to offer highly fruitful financial products and services to all of its customers, both in Japan and abroad.

Brand Logo

The brand logo of the Mizuho Financial Group is a simple yet sophisticated logotype in blue underscored by a striking red arc. The red arc represents the sun rising over the horizon. The logotype represents our employees' commitment and passion in everything they do.

Brand Colors

The two colors used in our brand logo were created specially for our brand. Mizuho Cosmic blue, as used in the logotype, symbolizes reliability, integrity, world scale and quality. Horizon red, used for the arc, represents the warm relationships between the Mizuho Financial Group and its customers, as well as humanity and passion.

Image: Mizuho Cosmic Blue

Mizuho Cosmic Blue

Image: Mizuho Horizon Red

Mizuho Horizon Red

Mizuho's Brand Strategy

Mizuho has adopted a new brand slogan, "One Mizuho: Building the future with you," to indicate our commitment to become "The most trusted financial services group with a global presence and a broad customer base, contributing to the prosperity of the world, Asia, and Japan.
" All Mizuho employees are committed to realizing the ideas embodied in our brand slogan, and together we pledge to all of our stakeholders to help Mizuho achieve its vision for the future.

Image: One MIZUHO: Building the future with you