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Internal Management

Mizuho's Definition of the Three Lines of Defense

Basic Approach

Following the concept of the "three lines of defense," as shown in the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's"Corporate governance principles for banks" as revised and published in July 2015, we have established the Internal Audit Committee that is separate from the business promo–tion divisions to ensure autonomous control with respect to the business promotion division and divisions in charge of compliance and risk monitoring by the internal audit group is conducted appropriately and effectively.

MHFG's Framework of Operations and Audit and Internal Control Framework

Mizuho's Definition of the Three Lines of Defense

First line Autonomous Control Function
Based on the rules, procedures and risk appetite, conduct daily operations and has a primary responsibility for risks and compliance matters identified in their section, banking offices, or head office as a risk owner, and for performing autonomous control activities (to identify, assess, and manage/control risks)
Second line Risk Management and Compliance Function
Oversee (monitor), measure and assess the first line's autonomous control activities for risks and compliance, and be responsible for establishing and promoting basic policies for risk compliance control
Third line Internal Audit Function
Independent of the first and second lines, conduct assessment and examination of the operations of the first and second lines and be responsible for providing advice and rectification recommendations to settle issues


Mizuho Financial Group's basic compliance policy, compliance structure, and compliance activities.

Management of Customer Protection

This section describes basic approach and overview of management of customer protection structure.

Internal Audit Structure

Mizuho Financial Group's basic approach and each company's internal audit management structure.