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October 11, 2001

The Mizuho Financial Group's New Brand Identity

Since the establishment of the Mizuho Financial Group, we have strived to create the Group's new brand. Today, we are pleased to introduce our group's new brand identity. The new identity, which is comprised of a new brand logo and brand statement, will be introduced through a series of marketing and communications activities designed to communicate the brand in a consistent and effective manner.

1. Brand Statement

Value Communication

Our brand statement helps express our brand vision not only to our customers, but also within our group.

Value refers to "the value that our customers seek," while Communication refers to how the Mizuho Financial Group intends to "communicate with customers to attain this desired value."

"Value Communication" underlines our commitment to doing our utmost to understand customers' aspirations and provide financial services of the highest quality, in order to enhance customers' satisfaction and ultimately share in their joy. Put simply, we will always be "Partnering our customers in their dreams and joy."

2. Brand Logo

The new brand logo of the Mizuho Financial Group is a simple yet sophisticated logotype in blue underscored by a striking red arc. The arc represents the sun rising over the horizon.

3. Brand Colors

The two colors used in our new identity were created specially for the Mizuho Financial Group. Cosmic blue, as used in the logotype, symbolizes reliability, integrity, world scale and quality. Horizon red, used for the arc, represents the warm relationships between the Mizuho Financial Group and its various customers, as well as humanity and passion. The new logo therefore represents our employees' commitment and passion in everything they do.

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