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Mizuho Research Institute

MHRI is one of Japan's leading think tanks, with a research division, consulting division and unique corporate membership services. MHRI uses its excellent analytical skills and the organization's network in Japan and overseas to provide macroeconomic information, policy recommendations and consulting services to solve the specific issues of the national government, local governments and private companies.


Website https://www.mizuho-ri.co.jp/english/index.html
Trade Name Mizuho Research Institute Ltd. (MHRI)
Date of Establishment Oct 1, 2002
Capital JPY 900 million
Location of Head Office 1–2–1, Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda–ku, Tokyo
Representative Hideyuki Takahashi, President & CEO (Appointed on Jun 29, 2017)
Number of Employees 308


  • 1.The representatives of each company have representation rights.
  • 2.The number of employees does not include each company's employees dispatched outside each company while it includes employees dispatched from outside each company. This figure also includes overseas local staff but excludes executive officers and temporary employees.

(As of Mar 31, 2017)

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