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Mizuho Bank

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Website https://www.mizuhobank.com/index.html
Trade Name Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (MHBK)
Bank Code 0001
Date of Establishment Jul 1, 2013
Capital JPY 1,404.0 billion
Location of Head Office 1–5–5, Otemachi, Chiyoda–ku, Tokyo 100–8176, Japan
Tel: +81–(0)3–3214–1111
Representative Nobuhide Hayashi, President & CEO
Number of Employees 29,452
Domestic Network Head Office and Branches: 421 Sub–branches: 41 (As of Dec 31, 2016)
Overseas Network Branches: 25 Relevant Offices: 17 Representative Offices: 6 Subsidiaries: 38 (As of Dec 31, 2016)


  • 1.The representatives of each company have representation rights.
  • 2.The number of employees does not include each company's employees dispatched outside each company while it includes employees dispatched from outside each company. This figure also includes overseas local staff but excludes executive officers and temporary employees.
  • 3.Overseas subsidiaries include head offices, branches and representative offices of subsidiaries.

(As of Sep 30, 2016)

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