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Mizuho Financial Group ("the Group") is composed of MHFG (holding company) and its subsidiaries and affiliates and provides banking, trust banking, securities and other financial services.

Since April 2016, Mizuho has introduced an in–house company structure based on customer segments. The aim of this structure is to utilize Mizuho's strengths and competitive advantage, under a holding company which integrates the banking, trust banking and securities functions, to responsively provide highest–quality financial services that closely match customer needs.

Two units independent from the in–house companies were established to further enhance expertise and support all of the in–house companies.

Group Structure of Mizuho

Image: Mizuho's Group Structure

  • *1U.S. bank holding company (launched on July 1, 2016)

In–house Company Structure


[Reference] Net Business Profits in Fiscal 2015
Calculated taking account of the in–house company system based on results by division in fiscal 2015 (billions of JPY)
  FY2015 Results
  Before head office expense deduction
Retail & Business Banking Company 16 87
Corporate & Institutional Company 253 276
Global Corporate Company 170 192
Global Markets Company 398 428
Asset Management Company 22 22

(Exchange rate: USD 1=JPY 123)

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