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Debra Hazelton – Japan

Debra Hazelton – Japan

Debra Hazelton

General Manager
Human Resources

Dept. Name
Global Talent Acquisition and Development Department
Entity — Country
Mizuho Financial Group — Japan
Area(s) of Expertise/Experience
Global Financial Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Asian Business Development, Global HR
Active in Industry Since
At Mizuho Since
Undergraduate and/or Graduate School and/or Professional Qualifications
Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Sydney University; Master of Commerce, New South Wales University; PhD Program, Keio University

As a financial institution, Mizuho recognizes that it has an essential duty to help shape the future of economies and societies, as well as to be the best possible financial partner for its customers, supporting them in the pursuit of their dreams and hopes as well as guiding them towards solutions to their various issues or concerns.

In order to better fulfill this duty, Mizuho's current medium–term business plan, introduced in fiscal 2016, establishes a blueprint for further strengthening our "One Mizuho" strategy of group collaboration and pursuing our goal of becoming a more client–focused organization. This means that we must truly align ourselves with the needs of our customers, including identifying those issues and needs which they have yet to identify for themselves, and then draw on the comprehensive capabilities of the group to develop solutions tailored to optimally address each customer's unique situation. This way of thinking represents the new business model we are pursuing as we aim to become a financial services consulting group.

With these goals in mind, Mizuho became the first Japanese financial institution to implement an "in–house company system", which aligns our banking, trust banking, securities, asset management, and think tank (research and consulting) capabilities with customer segments, thereby uniting them across the group and better enabling us to provide optimal solutions as financial service professionals.

When you are considering joining Mizuho, please ask yourself whether you would like to contribute to the further growth and transformation of this major global financial group, one which has a considerable impact on society.

Mizuho is committed to providing equal opportunities for people of any gender or nationality to play a key role within the organization, and to build a global career spanning a broad range of business fields, so that they can develop superior financial solutions for a wide variety of clients.

Mizuho also highly values strong employee engagement and strives to provide more tailored work arrangements and career development plans which respect employees' work–life balance and individual career goals. At Mizuho, you will be part of a team of professionals who support and encourage one another, creating an environment where all feel supported to take on new challenges, without fear of failure.

Some of the key qualities we look for in future team members are: intellectual curiosity and the desire to continually learn; a willingness to take on new challenges, including the risks that may come along with them; and, once the challenge is taken, the tenacity and commitment to see it through to the end.

If you do decide that you want to be part of this team of professionals, with the potential to contribute to the transformation of the financial services industry, then Mizuho offers you a truly exceptional opportunity!